Holy Saviour

Holy Saviour

Roman Catholic Primary School

  • White polo shirt 
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Black trousers / black skirt
  • Optional in the Summer term – black tailored shorts / black skirt  or blue check gingham dress
  • Black shoes
  • Plain black or white tights / socks

Long hair should be tied up for school using plain bobbles, headbands or clips.   Shaved hairstyles with logos, tramlines or mohicans are not allowed.  Any child that comes to school with such a style will be asked to return to the hairdressers in order to rectify the hair cut.

Please avoid large hair accessories that are not part of the school uniform.

Boots can be worn to and from school but pupils will be asked to change into school shoes when in the building.

PE Kit

  • black pumps
  • white round neck t-shirt
  • black shorts 

For outdoor PE children need a blue or black tracksuit or jogging bottoms.  Trainers can be worn for outdoor PE lessons. 

If your child wears trainers to school, they will be asked to change into their PE pumps.  If there is a genuine reason why your child needs to wear trainers, please write a note for their class teacher. 


Where to purchase our uniform

Items of uniform with our school badge on are available to buy from Tesco or Jean Junction in Nelson. 


When ordering your clothing, please ensure that you order in good time for the uniform to arrive.

Our uniform is also available to purchase from:

Jean Junction 35 Scotland Road, Nelson.  01282 616442   sales@jeanjunction.com  www.jeanjunction.com



Support with School Uniform

We recycle school uniform in school - if you have any uniform your child has outgrown, please donate

to school so that families can be supported with uniform.

If you need support with school uniform, please ask at the school office.