Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School

Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School


Remember to check out Class Dojo as the best way to contact your teacher - log ins have been sent out to those of you not already linked up. 


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Year 6

For any queries and support please contact the class teacher at - year6@holysaviour.lancs.sch.uk 


For stimulus for a range of subjects try checking this out! 



For more English lessons - check out the 'It's Magic' file above!


For maths remember to try Khan's Academy on youtube: 

This week you could try revising long multiplication! 



PE - School Games Online 

Create your own account, and then create your young person's account(s). Skip the invite process and simply tell them their username or let them use your device to submit challenges. (They need your permission to use the app if they are younger than 13). All activity on the app is COPPA and GDPR compliant, providing a safe online space for children to complete skill challenges, upload videos and get thoughtful virtual coaching feedback.
Follow these steps:
Download the TopYa! Active app from the App Store or Google Play
Create your Parent account
When prompted to enter an Invite Code enter 23880 and then choose Primary or Secondary School League based on which type of school your child attends
Then create your kid(s) account(s)
Let them work on the activities on their own device or film and upload videos from your device on their behalf!






Online Learning from Before Easter  


The following website provides project ideas and learning to do with your child on a week by week basis.



Please find below some useful websites to aid the children's home learning: 



Interesting clips and images to help provide a stimulus for writing. Ideas for what type of writing can be found underneath each video or image. 


For a range of subjects and grammar practice use: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn 


Move and Learn!

It is also very important that you all keep moving and get some fresh air! Use the games we have used for 'Play Leaders' with people at home. Remember you can also create your own Go Noddle account - check with an adult first!

Also try: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks2-collection/zr4ky9q



Our topic is 'classification' - download the files above to learn more! 





https://ttrockstars.com/ - children can also access Numbots from this platform.


SATs papers 




Free bikeability sessions
Unfortunately owing to current Covid 19 restrictions and school closure many (especially) Year 6 pupils have missed out on their Bikeability cycle training.
I am delighted to invite any Year 5, 6 or 7 pupils to our free summer holiday sessions. Level 1 & 2 will be delivered together with Level 1 first in the morning followed immediately by Level 2 which will run over 2 consecutive day after which on the 2nd afternoon Level 3 will be on offer to those wishing to advance.
Your own equipment will be required; we are not able to lend any equipment and cycle must be in working order. This year owing to Covid conditions we are not able to handle equipment.
We are struggling to confirm the exact locations around the county, again owing to Covid restrictions only just being lifted. I need to ask you to follow either of these 2 links for a more up to date invitation:
 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/go-velo-holiday-sessions-20129268401 web page which has a link to all course for adults and children or https://www.govelo.co.uk/book-a-course/Enter text...

Summer holiday activity ideas

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Week commencing 13th July

 Learning from Home Ideas - 13th July - Holidays.zipDownload
 Primary Picture News Resource England - 13th July - Holidays.zipDownload
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Week commencing 6th July

 Learning from Home Ideas - 6th July - First Impressions.zipDownload
 Primary Picture News Resource England - 6th July - First Impressions.zipDownload
 UKS2 - Learning Pack.pdfDownload
 UKS2 Theme Ideas - Moving on Up.pdfDownload
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