Holy Saviour

Holy Saviour

Roman Catholic Primary School

Parents and Carers


Parents/carers are always welcome in school. Many parents/carers volunteer, in a variety of ways to help on a regular basis. If you have a particular interest or talent or just a desire to help, then we would be pleased to hear from you. Staff will be available at the classroom door before and after school for any quick updates to support your child. 

We do believe very strongly, that education is a partnership between home and school and that the school cannot carry out its function and responsibility without the support and involvement of parents/carers. This may be by supporting school functions and initiatives or by coming in to talk to us about difficulties that your child may be experiencing.  A chance to talk and listen to others can be immensely important to your child’s development.

If you do wish to talk to us at length we do ask you to make an appointment beforehand so that we can made sure that the person to whom you wish to speak is available.  Equally, if we want to speak to you about your child, we will always contact you to arrange a date when you can come in and see us. 

When Parents/Carers Evenings are held, all meetings are notified in advance with an appointment system. 


A Prayer for Parents

All praise to You, Lord Jesus,
Lover of children:
Bless our family,
And help us to lead our children to You.

Give us light and strength,
And courage when our task is difficult.
Let Your Spirit fill us with love and peace,
So that we may help our children to love You.

All glory and praise are Yours, Lord Jesus,
For ever and ever.