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In order to read successfully, children need two skills; phonics and language comprehension. They need to be able to decode by blending the sounds in words to read them and they need to be able to understand what the word means.

Phonics is a journey. The sooner children can recognise the sounds (phonemes), the letters (graphemes) that represent them and blend them together in order to read words, the sooner they can read for understanding, purpose and pleasure. For beginner readers, phonics takes the lead as the prime approach to reading. You can help your child by talk, talk and more talk. Talk about people, places, events, stories, information and ideas.


What is phonics?


  • is a method of teaching children to connect the letters of the alphabet to the sounds that they make and blend them for reading
  • is a method of teaching children to identify the individual sounds (phonemes) within words and segment them for spelling.


Please find a range of resources to support you in helping your child with their phonics development.

  1. All About Phonics PowerPoint for Parents
  2. Modelling correct enunciation of sounds
  3. Enunciation of Phase 3 sounds 
  4. Enunciation of Phase 2 sounds
  5. Handwriting phrases to support letter formation