Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School, Nelson

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Year 3

For any queries and support please contact the class teacher at - year3@holysaviour.lancs.sch.uk 


 Included in the file list are also weekly packs by Robin Hood, which contain a range of activities for every day for seven weeks. 

There is also a pack from Classroom Secrets which contains guidance for parents. 

The Word document sets out a Maths Homework Grid for Year 3, which contains links to other websites with interactive activities.


RE lessons from the Come and See scheme will be uploaded including all necessary resources, questions to consider and suggested activities. Please read the Word document first, as this sets out the lesson. There is also another set of files which contain activities from Twinkl relating to Holy Week.




Maths Frame has many games to support a variety of maths learning. In class, we use it mainly to support our times table learning; the link provided takes you to the multiplication and division games we use for this, though there are many other games to access.




Top Marks is another website with maths games. We often use Daily Ten, which covers a wide range of maths topics, as does Hit the Button. There are many other maths games within this website which are categorised by age.




This website is good for practicing key Maths skills for example number bonds and partitioning.  Children require a password to access the games.  This has already been sent home.




My Mini Maths has a range of calculations based tasks and activities for children to continue to practise their calculation skills.




Pobble 365 is a resource which provides a different picture every day, which can be used as a story starter, with questions to explore and sentence activities. These can be a good resource for children’s story writing. However, please note that the activities are not differentiated by age or ability. The children can still include the writing features which we have learnt in class (noun phrases, adverbs, inverted commas, subordinating conjunctions, etc.)




BBC Bitesize has a Key Stage 2 section with resources which cover a range of subjects. The link provided covers the spelling, punctuation and grammar elements of writing, though the website can be explored to find other home learning resources.




BBC Bitesize is also helpful for topics which we will be covering in due course, including the Romans in History, and forces and magnets in Science.




BBC Super Movers also has lots of videos and interactive resources which encourage children to be active but also help them to learn at the same time.




Go Noodle has a family log-in area which takes you to many channels which have several active, dancing videos which children can follow along with.