Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School, Nelson

Holland Place, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 8HD




Free School Meals Form



Do you want the school to provide more resources for your child?

Then if your child is eligible for free school meals take up your entitlement and the school budget will be increased  by £1,320 per year from April 2014. Not only will your child be able to enjoy a delicious meal every day for free but he/she will benefit from having more books, computers etc.

A significant part of the budget coming into school is in direct proportion to the number of children claiming free school meals so even if your child prefers to bring a packed lunch please still apply if you are eligible as it will boost our income and help to maintain staffing levels.



If you are in receipt of any of the following:

Income Support

Universal Credit with a household income of less than £7,400, a year (after tax and not including any benefits you receive).

Child Tax Credit (not entitled to Working Tax Credit and total income does not exceed £16,190)

Guarantee element of State Pension Credit or Support under Immigration and Asylum Act VI

Working Tax Credit ‘run on’ - payment you receive for a further four weeks after you finish work.

Your child may be eligible.


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Please don't delay - claim today!