Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School, Nelson

Holland Place, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 8HD





Year 5 2018



Our overall topic for this half term is space. We're going to be looking at the solar system and then each of the individual planets during science





This term in maths we will be consolidating learning on place value. This will help us with further development of the most efficient strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Multiplication including factors, square numbers and prime factors will also be key this term.

In addition to this, we will also be understanding the properties of regular and irregular polygons. This will be continued by plotting co-ordinates to support symmetry and transformation. Then moving onto angles to include acute, obtuse and reflex angles



This half term we will be very busy in English lessons. We'll be starting the half term with information texts, primarily focusing on space to help with our science knowledge. We are also going to cover Limericks just at the same time as our guest author Ian Bland comes in to offer us some tips to improve our own poem writing. Finally we'll be using our space knowledge to write out own science fictions stories.


Home Learning

Home Learning for this half term is to do a model of the solar system. 


We encourage children to read regularly. It is recommended that you try to read over three times each week. As children are reading, encourage them to think about the story as it unfolds. 

Think about the characters, think about the setting. Remember the guided reading questions and how this reminds you of things:

  • in your own life;
  • in other books;
  • in the world.