Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School, Nelson

Holland Place, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 8HD




Year 3 - The stone AGE


I hope you have all had a happy and holy Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year.
We are finally back in our new and improved classroom! I would just like to take this opportunity to say how brilliant your
children really are. Not being in a consistent learning environment can be difficult but they did such a fantastic job! So
thank you very much!

As always, if you have any worries, concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Happy Birthday to Amelia and Igor

This term in English...


 We have three main focus in literacy this term. We will begin with stories as a theme based on the story
of ‘Stig of the Dump’. We have already received a mysterious package and we are working really hard to try and figure out where it came from and who brought it to us! 

We will then move on to Poems based on a theme, poems learned by heart for performance and creating a
poem linked to theme with a structure. These will be based around our topic of the Stone Age, particularly focusing on dinosaurs!

Finally looking at discussion and the structure of discussion, resulting in
them presenting information based on different points of view.  

The grammar focus for this term is subordinate clauses'.



This term we are going to be launching our new reading rewards in class! I am really looking forward to revamping our reading area now that we are back in our classroom and getting immersed in some really great books! 

Please try and read with your child three times a week so that they don't miss out on some awesome prizes! 

This term in Maths...


We will begin the term by looking at the place value of numbers. Following this we will begin to learn about
fractions of shape, fractions of numbers and equivalent fractions. This is such an important part of our learning and can prove to be quite challenging, However, I am sure that Year 3 will have the resilience and determination to fight the frightening fractions!

To complete our term we will learn about measurements of
capacity and money. This is another skill that will help them in their daily lives. So if you are out shopping with your children or baking at home let them help you and show off their skills! I'm sure you will be impressed with their learning.

On going work will include developing mental strategies, problem solving skills and learning times tables - x10, x5, x2, x3 and x4. We will also continue improving our problem solving skills and mental strategies

The timetable focus for this term are our

4 timetables, please practise these as often as possible at home.





Useful Information...

Children are encouraged to complete their optional homework at home with parents and careers. There is also the Science challenge to complete which has been sent home with the children.

Throughout the year please can you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times as PE can change due to weather conditions. Can all items of the PE kits be clearly labelled with your child's name to avoid confusion and lost property.

Outdoor kit is a necessity.  



This term in History and Geography...

Welcome to the Stone Age!

 During these lessons we will be learning about the Ice age and its importance to us. We will think about the Stone Age
what it would have been like to live in this time, what we might have had to hunt for food and clothes to survive. We will also
explore Stonehenge, where it is, how it was built, when it was built and watch virtual tour of Stonehenge. 

We will also ask another class to come and explore our classroom caves! Made up of our very own cave paintings.





This term in Science...

We will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks on the basis of
their appearance and simple physical properties. We will learn to describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when things
that have lived are trapped within rock. We will recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter and that they can
feel and look different. We will think research where rocks and soils can be different in different places/environments. To
practise our learning we will be carrying out various experiments with different types of rock.