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Reception Class 2017

Welcome to EYFS!

Summer term

This half term, we will be learning through the theme of Pirates! We will be making treasure maps, flags and telescopes. We will be experimenting with things that float or sink before using this knowledge to build our own Pirate ships! We will also be learning some pirate songs and games and writing ’messages in a bottle’ whilst pretending to be stranded on a desert island. We will be learning to ‘double’ with shells and ‘share’ the pirate treasure fairly. 





We will also be learning how to keep healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. We will be listening to the effects of exercise on our hearts as we undertake some timed aerobic challenges and obstacle courses. We will be sorting food into groups of 'things we should eat lots of' and 'things we should only eat a small amount of.'





In RE this half- term, we will be learning about Pentecost and the theme of ‘serving.’ Christians believe that the Spirit of God is active in each person and in a special way, in the community of believers that is called the Church. At Pentecost, in the gift of the Holy Spirit given for all, Christ’s mission of bringing the Good News was entrusted to the community of believers which is the Church. We will be celebrating the ’Good News’ is that Jesus is alive and learning about what happened at Pentecost.

For our Caritas unit , we will be focussing on ‘Rights and Responsibilities.’ We will be thinking about how God gives us all we need to be happy and what those things are. We will also be talking about making the right choices and how we can put bad choices right.

We will also be making some Easter buns to sell at Church to raise money for Mrs Nield's missionary work in Nairobi. Our class seem to love baking, so we will be putting their efforts towards a charitable cause! (They will no doubt also enjoy taste testing.)





In Maths, we will be consolidating our skills of finding one more and one less than any number to 20. We will also be practising adding and subtracting with objects and on a number line. We will be learning how to double numbers to 10 and count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We will be looking more at numbers to 100, using a hundred square to become familiar with these larger numbers and their place value. We will be building outdoors and talking about the 3D shapes that we use in building. We will also be comparing and ordering objects in terms of capacity.

Ideas for supporting your child's Maths development at home

Ask them questions which will help them to use Maths in real-life contexts e.g. how many teddies will you have if you get one more for your birthday? Two more? If you give me 2 of your sweets, how many will you have left?

Help them to pay for things by letting them choose the correct coins in a shop. Or set up a pretend shop at home! Let them sort your spare coins into piles of coins that are the same and talk about their values.

Pair up socks and count them in 2’s to see how many socks altogether. Count how many eggs in a box by counting the rows of 2.

Ask them to share food/cutlery out fairly so that everyone has the same.

Help them to use the excellent websites and apps available to help them sharpen up their skills-

Good Apps

  • Bugs and Numbers
  • Maths age 4-6
  • Monkey Maths school sunshine
  • Monster hunt– the memory game

Good Websites





 Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be supporting the children to develop their communication skills through story-telling, role play opportunities, singing songs and rhymes amongst other things! Children are given opportunties to be creative, representing their ideas through Art and DT and then to use talk to explain their ideas. We find that the children learn to communicate best when they are talking about something that they have made themselves and are proud of. All the staff in EYFS model new words and aim to extend the children's vocabulary when talking to them about their activities.

Alongside this, we have daily phonics lessons where the children are grouped according to their phonetic understanding.

The Read, Write Inc. website has a parent’s information section which is very informative and has all the sounds from each of the three sets of sounds. The website is www.ruthmiskin.com. It is really important that you help your child to remember the sounds by flashing them at home too, as it will help them enormously with reading and writing simple sentences.

Ideas for supporting your child's language development at home

Look at books together and talk about them- what do they think will happen next? Ask them 'Why?' and 'How' questions to develop their understanding e.g. Why did the Gingerbread man run out of the oven?

Can your child retell the story themselves using the pictures to help them?

Read rhymes and learn songs together.

Help them to use their phonics knowledge to write messages and lists at home- can they help you write a shopping list or write a 'Thank you' letter to someone?


EAL Learners

If your child is learning English as an additional language, it is important that they still have opportunities to talk in their first language. Research shows that if children are fluent in their first language, they find it easier to learn a second language. In school, we encourage children to use both languages. However, we have been advised to encourage parents and children for whom English is not a first language to put some time aside each day to talk in English- maybe at set times each day so that the child does not get mixed up. For example, this could be at meal times or whilst walking to and from school. When you are talking in English, point to things and use pictures and actions to support their understanding.

If you would like any extra support or advice on how to help your child, please come and speak to one of the staff in EYFS.

Also, the following site is useful. 




Wednesday-   please return homework books. Spelling test.


Friday-   New  homework, spellings and reading books will be given. Please make sure your child's books are in their bag ready for changing.

PE day- please make sure earrings are taken out before school.